Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Meeting for Worship begin?
Friends meet in the Worship Room upstairs for silent Worship at 9:30 am* every Sunday.
Worship begins when the first person enters the room.            (*10:00 am in July & Aug.)

How long is Meeting for Worship? 
At Lehigh Valley Meeting, children join us for the first 20 minutes of silent Worship before attending their own programs (read about our First Day Values).

The full Meeting for Worship lasts about one hour, ending at 10:30 am.  (11:00 am in the Summer)

Is there childcare available during Meeting for Worship?                                                                                        
Infant and pre-K childcare is available downstairs.
School age children are invited to take part in First Day class programs which begin after 20 minutes.

Is there a pastor?
Quakers believe that everyone has the Light of God within them, and everyone can communicate with the Living Spirit. Lehigh Valley Friends is an unprogrammed Meeting, and Worship is led by God (all those present) instead of one individual. We do nominate a member to serve as clerk to facilitate the business of the Meeting.