The passing of Rick Schall

From a broadcast message from Christine Murray, LVMM Clerk: 

”Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I convey this to you. Below is part of Terri Purdy's message on "Caring Bridge" about her husband Rick Schall:
"Our dear Rick peacefully passed away last night. What a wonderful colleague, friend, brother, son, and most importantly to us a phenomenal husband and father he was. We are holding him in our hearts and we will always hold him in the light.

Thank you for all of the love and support you have given us over the past two years. We could not have better family and friends. The girls and I are so grateful to have had our joyful, loving and funny Rick with us during his time on hospice. We were able to declare our unending love for each other, share precious memories and partake in Rick’s cherry pie and cucumber salad.

I want to thank St. Luke’s Hospice for the wonderful support they have provided to Rick and family over the past four months. I also want to thank Caring Bridge for making it easy for Rick to communicate with so many.
Our love,
Terri, Anna, Leah and Dave"
Information about Memorial Service arrangements are to come.

With great sadness,

Christine Murray, clerk“

Frugal Feast picnic on 08/05

From the Clerk: 

 ”Dear Friends,

There is no picnic scheduled for tomorrow, August 5. So, instead, we'll have a Frugal Feast Picnic at the Meetinghouse!

We'll share a simple soup, and any pot luck foods you would like to bring, along with the opportunity to give money to the Food Bank.

Please come and enjoy each other's company as we support the Food Bank.

Christine Murray, clerk”

Sinkhole progress report 08/03/18

 In mid-July, the person who mows our lawn noticed a sinkhole in the northwest corner of our property. A group of Friends from LVMM committees met and, after approval to proceed at a called meeting after Meeting for Worship on 07/29/18, contracted with an engineering firm to evaluate and fix it.

A geologist from Barry Isett and Associates visited LVMM on 08/01 to meet with the ad-hoc sinkhole committee and to begin the site study.

Work will involve excavating - at minimum - an area about 10 feet square and down about 10 feet. When the site is ready, a special mix will be pumped into the hole, topped with a clay mixture, and covered with topsoil. This may be completed before the end of August.

We have no cooking gas until UGI is able to reroute our line to the building. We believe that they can reconnect us before the full excavation can begin.

We all know that the Lehigh Valley, especially this area, has sinkhole activity. Barry Isett and Associates are experts in fixing them. Our meetinghouse and property are in good hands.

Please bear with construction inconveniences, if any, and stay away from the sinkhole and work areas. We will keep you informed!

The March 2 storm and its impact

As of about 12:30 pm on Saturday, the meetinghouse is still without power. We expect service to be restored soon. The building is intact. We lost several trees around the property, with the most serious damage being a tree hitting the ramp and steps leading away from the meeting room and to the shed. Otherwise the building is intact. Stay tuned for further announcements.


Rear of meetinghouse


Damage to ramp


Directional impact of tree


Mother Nature prunes harshly. View from Bath Pike frontage toward gathering room door.