From Holly, our Bucks Quarter coordinator

From Holly’s Facebook Wall: 

 ”My dear dear friends, today brought more hope than we have had and I know that your love has been a contributing factor.

The Gyn Onc feels the monster may not be as big and powerful as we were led to believe.

On Thursday morning at 8:30 I am scheduled to have a complete hysterectomy. Biopsies will be taken and examined while I am on the table.

If cancer is there the surgeon will debulk the areas (remove additional tissue) and inject chemo directly into the area.

My hospital stay at Abington will probably  be three to five days depending on the debulking.

I remember years ago a Doylestown Meeting Friend asked all of us to stop for a few minutes to hold his wife and surgical team in the Light during her cancer surgery. I am asking that of you. Please, sometime on Thursday morning between 8:30 and 12:00 stop (even if it's just to pee) and hold my surgical team and I in the Light...and feel free to picture the end of the monster in any way you choose 😆. I think this is a good use of a violent thought. 🔪💣⛏

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️”