Sinkhole progress report 08/03/18

 In mid-July, the person who mows our lawn noticed a sinkhole in the northwest corner of our property. A group of Friends from LVMM committees met and, after approval to proceed at a called meeting after Meeting for Worship on 07/29/18, contracted with an engineering firm to evaluate and fix it.

A geologist from Barry Isett and Associates visited LVMM on 08/01 to meet with the ad-hoc sinkhole committee and to begin the site study.

Work will involve excavating - at minimum - an area about 10 feet square and down about 10 feet. When the site is ready, a special mix will be pumped into the hole, topped with a clay mixture, and covered with topsoil. This may be completed before the end of August.

We have no cooking gas until UGI is able to reroute our line to the building. We believe that they can reconnect us before the full excavation can begin.

We all know that the Lehigh Valley, especially this area, has sinkhole activity. Barry Isett and Associates are experts in fixing them. Our meetinghouse and property are in good hands.

Please bear with construction inconveniences, if any, and stay away from the sinkhole and work areas. We will keep you informed!