From our member archives: the Ruth Ann Spears bench

Ruth Ann Spears was a mentor to Nancy Johnston, and some time after her death on June 9, 2001, the memorial bench was placed near the southern border of our property.

According to her Express-Times obituary of June 26, 2001, she was a physician with a private medical practice on Cherokee Street in Bethlehem. Her career and life highlights included a role as laboratory director at Hunterdon Medical Center, teacher of Latin at Catasauqua High School, a worker at the Lockheed Airplane Factory in Long Beach, California during World War II, and reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Ruth Ann was an instructor at Northampton Community College and an accomplished classical pianist, teaching for many years. Her medical degree was from the University of Sydney Medical School, becoming one of the oldest persons to ever graduate from medical school, with residency at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown.

She recorded and organized a program of lullabies for violin, piano, and male and female voices.

Her husband, Clyde W., died in 1975. She was survived by two sons, Brent and Drew.