From the Social Concerns Committee

Quakers have long had a desire to care for the earth as we care for all the creatures, both human and otherwise, that live upon it.  Believing that there is that of God in every one, we especially believe that we are called to be stewards of the earth, so that the earth and its waterways, mountains, oceans, and farmlands will be safe for our children and our children's children.

Consequently, we at Lehigh Valley Quaker Meeting find ourselves greatly concerned regarding the current deregulated and speedy expansion of the natural gas drilling process called fracking.  Our concern is for appropriate care of our water supply.

Lehigh Valley Quaker Meeting has come to the understanding that as a Meeting we want to focus on the environmental issue surrounding Marcellus Shale and the current practice of removal of the natural gas buried under its surface, called Hydraulic Fracturing, or fracking. Because most of the state is sitting atop this incredible resource, Pennsylvania is a hotbed of controversy over the issue of fracking and its risks and benefits. 

Lehigh Valley Quaker Meeting has taken up the issue as both an educational forum, and as a lobbying effort.  We are concerned with what is not known about fracking, with the amount of clean water it takes to operate a well, and the possibility of accidents that would contaminate the drinking water, and lakes and streams of PA.

Additional resources for more information, from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC):


Learn what Hydraulic Fracturing is
  ...and why many people are concerned about the lack of regulation.

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